Lovingly designed with the symbol of hope for millions of women worldwide,
the tailor made party favors brings you and your guests fun and enjoyable for almost every occasion.

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Party Accessories

Tailor-made ribbons >>>

HKD4.60 per 1 yard (274.32cm/0.9144m)
min. order 100yard
  Ribbons-cutting Ceremony  
  Type: Canvas Guest Book (Options A B C)

not included flame
hand drawing version is available
  30cm x 45cm - HKD320
40cm x 60cm - HKD380
60 cm x 80 cm - HKD480
60 cm x 100cm - HKD590

Type: Sea and Sand theme Guest Book

craft paper with ribbons

Type: rustic theme Guest Book

Type: Seating card with key


Type: Custom made Chinese wedding craft

approx 20cm x 20cm - HKD228, approx 30cm x 30cm - HKD258, approx 40cm x 42cm - HKD288, approx 60c x 60cm - HKD328, approx HKD85cm x 85cm - HKD368
Type: Ribbons Wand Type: DIY Pom Poms Type: Paper Lanterns
Customized colors - 80pcs up
Dia. 8" (20cm) - HKD22
Dia. 10" (25cm) - HK32
Dia. 14" (35cm) - HK39
Dia. 8" (20cm) - HKD25
Dia. 12" (30cm) - HKD30
Dia. 16" (40cm) - HKD35

Type: Handmade Felted Wool Corsage
Please advise our agent for the tailor made service.
Type: Handmade Sweet Couple Type: Handmade Corsage Tinys Type: Handmade Tiny Sweet Couple
Tailor Made Couple
(24 - 26cm)
Tailor-made hand made tinys 
(6- 10cm)
Tailor-made deco Tinys
(6 - 10cm)
HKD800 for a set. HKD88 each.
Tailor made - HKD150 each.
HKD298 for a set.
Tailor made - HKD380 for set.
  Type: Kid's Party materials  
  HKD50 per guest, 10 guests up.  
Type: Organza gift bag Type: Christmas gift bag Type: Colorful Kraft paper bag
  Type: Paper Straw Type: Customized shape
  25pcs a pack, 19cm  
  HKD60 / USD7.71 @  
  Please contact the agent if message note needed  

DIY wedding favors boxes

for more DIY wedding favors boxes here >>>>>>>

FYI: all the gift boxes are flat, but its very easy to fold it by yourself.
Fabric vintage stickers C
Girly stickers would be nice when it comes with the baby birthday celebration etc!
Message blackboard
Put your message on the blackboard that your guest can make fun with.
HKD10 @
(5pcs up)
HKD8.00 @
(20pcs up)