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Celebrating in style - Playful DIY Airplane invitation

Designed full of couple's best memories and landmarks, this paper airplane-inpsired invitation actually took flight!

Cherry and Anthony was planning a ig bash in California for their big day and wanted to send their guests an unique invitation that this was not a party to be missed. The couple traveled a lot and footprint everywhere, we designed a hotstamping in sliver colors for all their memoriable landmarks in a paper laser cut to ensure it's light weight for posting, and guests can assemble and looking forward to a joyful wedding that airplane takes them to!




Design idea and feature:

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

A playful interactive papercraft invitations for a destination in California, featuring the romantic memories of several destinations and paper punch out airplane.

The result was a sliver color hot stamping printed and lasercut invitation that could be assmbled by their guests.

A world without standardized.


Customized design available.

Recto printing only

Reference number:



Production lead time:

approx. 30 working days



HKD2,820 / USD361.54 for 70 sets




All price above is included the cost of printing, design and production, invitation minimum printing quantity referred to the individual design and less than the min. order sets, price will charge in the min. order.