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Custom Illustration Wedding Guestbook



Every Love Story is beautiful art.


Custom made available



Design idea and feature:

Canvas - standard size: 35 x 90cm

other size available

Painting - standard size: A4, A3

Wedding, Newlyweds, bridal shower, baby, birthday,  anniversary gift prints


Standard package:

A set of custom 4 charms, repeating with side decoration charms etc


the charms would similar to your guest numbers

e.g. you have 72 guests, we will prepare 72+ charms



Canvas - standard size: 35 x 90cm

6 charms in a row - 72 in total

8 -10 charms in a row - 120 in total




illustration sketch (no coloring on portrait for 2) and sketch colored florists

add-on color on portrait sketch + HKD150 for 2 person

other style, add-on at cost below



Use a frame

why not use a framed illustration as a unique guestbook option? Have your guests sign and turns to a art pieces in your room.

Included the wooden frame


Painting - standard size: A4, A3

A4 - HKD360

A3 - HKD400




For more guests, you can adjust the size of canvas at cost


If you prefer handdrawn portrait, add-on order




For portrait handdrawn, we require high quality images which is included the proper lighting etc so we can see your face properly.

All price above is included the cost of printing, design and production.

Appreciation is a great way to recognize the hard work and efforts that we had done for you, minimum charge of design fee apply in above quotation. 

Please note that there may be slight color differences between the sample colors and your final print due to varying screen settings and color presets.